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Who is Patrick L. Sibert?

Patrick L. Sibert is an American real estate broker, producer, Homesphere listing Washington

Patrick L.Sibert is a frequent guest on the real estate segments of 20/20, CNN, CNBC, The Today Show, The Insider, Bloomberg TV, and is often quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Wall Street Journal China.

The HomeSphere Team maintains a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and has built relationships with thousands of agents around the world. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the market, Patrick and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right buyer with the right seller with remarkable success—their lifetime list-to-sale ratio is 92.6%.

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The hidden mystery behind Real Estate

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Team of Brokers in Pasadena

Yousif Al Suwaidi

+971 55 786 7666

Ranjini Raja
Listing Agent

+971 50 915 6559

Sajjad Haneef
Sales and Leasing Consultant

+971 52 349 1802

Nixon Pereira
Senior Property Consultant

+971 52 480 1447

Noushad Thotton

+971 50 882 0453


Mani Shan
Local Guide

Have been hunting house for few years. This time I am so lucky to have no-nonsense and honest Partners from YAS. From the moment I called them to understand my requirements, showing property and negotiating value for the client, they are top notch. The service is impeccable even after the registration and supported me through out. Highly recommended as Natasha and Noushad always thought of the my interest. Being in Real estate filed it is hard to someone like them.

Maria E. Flynn
Manager at ColdHawk Inc.

It’s ideal for business clients who simply prefer to pay for transactions only as incurred. They help managing your time so you’ll get more done.

Kareem H
Local Guide·17 reviews

Rented my apartment through YAS, the agent I worked with (Shaheer) was extremely professional and easy to deal with. He did a brilliant job in advertising the property and finding me a tenant in no time. He did all the necessary paperwork in a swift manner while I was abroad. Shaheer was accessible 24/7 and very responsive. He has a lot of knowledge and won’t push a deal on you just to get things done! highly recommended for any lease/purchase process

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